Cooperation with Electronic Systems

We offer a wide range of options for cooperation:


  • Cooperation with researchers
  • Cooperation with students

  • Utilization of inventions and technology

  • Renting laboratories and equipment

Give us a call and we will help direct you in the right direction for your business.

Potential subject areas of cooperation

Collaborating with us will give companies and organizations access to the latest research and our many competences within electronics and ICT. The research is organized in five sections:

  • Antennas, Propagation and Millimetre-wave Systems (APMS) focuses on antennas and propagation transceiver solutions and networking concepts for emerging radio communication systems. The focus in all aspects is largely on small terminal devices

  • Automation and Control focuses their research on control problems from two angles. One is fundamental research on modelling, estimation and controller design. The other is advanced applications work in control, which makes use of, and in many cases inspires, new theory

  • Communication, Media and Information Technologies (CMI) focuses their research in the areas network technologies, applications and the market impact of these. Emphasis is on new network technologies and applications. Special focus is on the combination of Internet applications and mobile and wireless applications
  • Connectivity (CNT) focuses their research on systems and methods for enabling reliable communication links, as well as distributed algorithms that make use of realistic connectivity models.
  • AI and Sound (AIS) focuses their research on contributing to the development of improved signal and information processing systems for a various of applications including the study of human interaction and usability of such systems.
  • Wireless Communications Networks (WCN) focuses on teaching, research and innovation within the domain of wireless and wired communication and network technologies. The research field spans from the lowest to the highest layers in the OSI model, and from application-inspired basic research to more application-oriented where communication networks play a major role.




If you are interested in discussing potential cooperation with us, please contact us at or call ( 45) 9940 8600.

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