6G wireless research group


6G Wireless is one of the research groups at the Department of Electronic Systems.

In this group, we focus on technologies for the support of services that can revolutionise the communication between humans and objects. While the 5th generation radio technology has already introduced the wireless support of high data rates and mission critical services such as control of vehicles or industrial machineries, 6G is expected to take a major leap towards a society where virtually no limits to wireless exist – either in terms of user experience or criticality of services.

Examples of envisioned applications for 6G technology is the following:

  • Fully realistics 3D images of distant people or objects can be projected for real-time interactions.
  • Life-critical applications such as wireless support of heart pacemakers, haptic muscle control for disabled patients, control of glucose level with insulin pumping, real-time monitoring of health-critical parameters with instantaneous reaction in case of anomalies.
  • Intra-vehicle control of engine, suspensions, breaking, steering and vibrations.



Gilberto Berardinelli, research group leader