RF Integrated Systems and Circtuits Laboratory

On wafer measurements

Cascade Summit 9000 manual probe station
Cascade Microtech ACP40 GSG and GSGSG probes

System parameter measurements both on wafer and on modules with connectors

(Rohde & Schwarz: FSQ, SMBV100A, AFQ100A etc., Agilent 8510C-system, Maury MT982B01 tuners)

Systems: GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, LTE, WiFi etc., arbitrary I/Q-modulation and polar modulation.


  • EVM, PSD, ACLR etc.
  • Noise parameters
  • Small and large signal S-parameters,
  • Intermodulation
  • Power amplifiers:
    • Load-pull measurements
    • Polar and envelope tracking amplifiers



For use in bonding RF chips, a manual bonding machine is available.
The bonding is done with 25µm gold wire.