Antenna Measurement Facilities

SAR Equipment

The specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of hove much energy is absorbed in the human body due to a present radio field, typically from a mobile phone. The energy is averaged over the body volume and normalized to 1g or 10g of tissue making the value watts per kilogram (W/kg).

The SAR robot moves a probe in the phantom filled with tissue simulating liquid, while a call to the mobile is made with a call box (base station emulator). The phone is placed next to the phantom, in a natural talk position (under the phantom). The equipment is placed in a shielded box, in order not to disturb the surrounding cellular/radio systems.

The SAR measurement equipment available at APMS includes the following:

  • DASY4 from SPEAG
  • SAM Twin Phantom with device holder.
  • ELI (body)
  • Probes:
    • EX3DV4  10 Mhz to 6 GHz  E-field
    • ES3DV3  10 Mhz to 4 GHz  E-field
    • ET3DV6R 10 Mhz to 2.3 Ghz E-field
    • H3DV8 10 Mhz to 800 Mhz H-field
  • Dielectric probe kit HP85070B
  • SAM Twin Phantom with device holder
    • ELI with device holder


Index SAR Equipment

This system is a manual setup for measuring the SAR (see also SAR Equipment).
It is mostly suited for “hot spot” finding.

  • Probe for manual movement
  • IXP050 probe


Large anechoic chamber

  • Size : 10m x 10m x 14m 
  • Equipped with two measurement systems:
    • A roll over azimuth range (9,5m distance)
      • Capable of carrying 150 kg.
      • Nearfield and far field measurements up to 110Ghz
    • Gantry arm system (3 m distance)
      • Nearfield measurements up to 40Ghz
      • Far field up to 110Ghz
      • small devices and persons
      • Large equipment up to 3500 kg (eg. a car).

The chamber can open the roof and side to facilitate measurements to and from space and terrestrial environment. It is possible to bring large objects like cars into the chamber.


Small Anechoic chamber 

  • Size : 5m x 5m x 5m
  • Equipped with a SATIMO StarGate 24 from Satimo
  • The systems cover the frequency range from 400MHz to 6GHz
  • Nearfield Antenna measurements
  • OTA testing with systems like GSM, UMTS, LTE, WIFI, and Bluetooth
  • Capable of carrying 100 kg
  • Test with persons is possible
  • Head and Hand Phantoms for mobile testing


Compact range

  • Antenna measurement system for small devices.
  • The systems cover the frequency range from 6 GHz to 65 GHz,
  • Cable of carrying 10kg



A selection of phantoms is used to simulate the effect of a user on the radio characteristics of the measured devices. 
Phantoms for both head,  hands and body are available:

Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG)

  • SAM Head Phantom V4.5BS           
  • Talk Mode Fixture for SHO (right & left)
  • Mask 6 degree (right & left)
  • Hands:
    • V2R/LB
    • V2R/LC
    • V2R/LP
    • V2R/LD


Large anechoic chamber

Small Anechoic chamber

Large anechoic chamber

Large anechoic chamber