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Guest Lectures

Title: “Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control of Critical Infrastructures”
Vicenç Puig, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Title: The project SUBPRO - Subsea production and processing. A Centre for Innovation-based Research (SFI)
Christoph Backi, Department of Chemical Engineering, Process Systems Engineering Group, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

Title: Plug and Play Monitoring and Fault-tolerant Control of Large-scale Systems: a Scalable Distributed Approach
Thomas Parisini, Imperial College London & University of Trieste

Title: Realization theory of linear parameter-varying (LPV)/switched systems and estimation of network structure of linear systems
Mihaly Petreczky, CNRS Researcher at Centre de Recherche en Informatique, France

Title: The role of regularization in System Identification
Lennart Ljung, Linköping University, Sweden

Title: State Constrained Optimal Control
Vinter, Richard. Imperial College

Title: Application of Polynomial Chaos in Estimation and Control
Singh, Tarunraj. Univ. at Buffalo

Title: What can Kalman do for you?
Singh, Tarunraj. Univ. at Buffalo

Title: Compositionality Challenges in System Theory
van der Schaft, Arjan J. Univ. of Twente/Julius, Agung Univ. of Twente

Title: Coordinated Motions of Autonomous Vehicles
Sousa, Joao Fac. Engenharia Universidade Do Porto

Title: Jitterbug: A tool for analysis of real-time control performance
Lincoln, Bo. Lund Inst. of Technology

Title: Modelling, Control and Reachability of Discrete Hybrid Systems
Bemporad, Alberto. Univ. di Siena

Title: Multi-robot coordination with limited bandwidth communication or Embedded control with distributed sensing and computing
Johansson, Karl Henrik. KTH

Title: Mobile robotics and autonomous systems
Christensen, Henrik. NADA, KTH