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Simulation Tools

Here you can download simulation models for different refrigeration systems. All models are made in Matlab.

Evaporator model

This model simulates the response between electronic expansion valve opening degree and the evaporator outlet temperature. The model can be used to test one sensor superheat controllers and it contains parameters for three different refrigeration systems. See documentation here and additional documentation here. An evaporator unit benchmark is also described here.

Supermarket model 1

This model simulates 3 display cases, a cold storage room, a compressor rack, and suction manifold. Condenser dynamics are assumed fast and therefore neglected. The model is implemeted in Matlab Simulink and can easily be extended with more display cases. Parameters are heuristically chosen, however, they are easily changed in Simulink. Documentation will be available soon.

Supermarket model 2

This model simulates a supermarket refrigeration system with 7 display cases and 4 freezers. This is the most advanced model and it is implemented with Matlab m-files. The parameters are identified based on measurement data from a real supermarket. See documentation here.