Laboratory facilities

Laboratory facilities

The Automation & Control section has a series of laboratories for students and researchers to support a variety of research areas. The labs are integrated in numerous projects, including industrial and externally funding projects, and are used on a daily basis for experiments and validation of research results.

Drone Research Lab

Drone Research Laboratory organizes drone activities at Aalborg University. AAU has been actively involved in teaching and research of drones since 2000, and today faculty staff, post docs, and PhD students from several departments are involved in drone activities.

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Motion Tracking Lab

This lab has a motion tracking system from Vicon which is capable of tracking objects with very high accuracy. Located next to the Autonomous Vehicles Lab it is possible to do control and estimation experiments with a variety of autonomous vehicles without attaching anything but small reflective markers on them. This allows rapid prototyping for a range of projects and experiments.

Smart Water Infrastructure Laboratory (SWIL)

The AAU Smart Water Infrastructures Lab is a modular test facility that can be configured to emulate Water Distribution Networks, Waste Water Collection or District Heating Systems. This laboratory aims to address problems in the water cycle management with focus on how control technology can contribute to provide solutions.


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Autonomous Vehicles Lab

The section maintains a range of autonomous vehicles for indoor as well as outdoor use. The focus is on helicopters and wheeled robots, and this lab supports these by providing test and operation facilities such as base stations, sensor suits, and GPS and telemetry equipment.

Space and satellites

AAU builds and operates very small satellites, cubesats, and provides support to a range of international satellite projects. The design and construction is carried out in the Space and Satellites Lab, and it also houses a ground station for communication and operation of in-orbit satellites.

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Surgical Robotics Lab

This laboratory has a da Vinci Surgical System from Intuitive Surgical, capable of doing minimally invasive surgical procedure. The robot has high-accuracy sensors and actuators that make it possible to enhance the speed and accuracy of an ordinary surgeon. The robotic system enables test and verification of semi-autonomous controls for surgical interventions. The robot is primarily used for research in safety-critical systems.

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Refrigeration and HVAC Lab

Cooling and heating systems are operated in the Refrigeration and HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Lab, which provides researchers with experimental setups for designing new cooling and heating systems.

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