Educational Activities

The Automation & Control section  is deeply involved in education and training at all levels: from high school students to the graduate level. The main involvement is in EE undergraduate and graduate level education.

At graduate level, the section staff is primarily responsible for the specializations: MSc in Control and Automation and MSc in Networks and Distributed Systems. At undergraduate level the section section is mainly involved in the BSc in Electronics & IT and the BSc in Robotics.

MSc in Control and Automation (taught in English)

Control and Automation is a two-year master's programme (120 ECTS credits). It concerns design and development of automatic control systems operating in environments that are noisy, dynamic, unknown, non-linear, and real-time. You will acquire skills in design and implementation of control systems, and apply these in areas such as robotics, wind turbines, power plants, production lines, cooling and heating systems and many other complex systems.
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BSc in Robotics (taught in English)

Robotics is a three-year bachelor’s programme (180 ECTS credits).
Robotics is a new, cross-disciplinary study programme which gathers research activities across the university. As a student, you will have access to state-of-the-art technologies and laboratories, and you will be taught by highly skilled professors. The Robotics programme teaches you about the challenges faced by companies, engineering consultants and service- and research institutes in relation to the utilisation of robots and automation, and you will become the person able to assist them in this matter.
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MSc in Networks and Distributed Systems (taught in English)

Networks and Distributed Systems is a two-year master's programme (120 ECTS credits). The program aims
at providing students with an understanding of distribution methodologies and their impact on system availability, performance and reliability. It covers network management and distributed real time systems application engineering.
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BSc in Electronics and IT (taught in Danish)

This is a three-year bachelor programme (180 ECTS credits), that automatically give you access to a MSc programme. The programme is focused on fundamental electronic systems, analogue and digital. As a student you also gain knowledge on dynamic electronic systems, and the interaction between electronic systems and computers and the physical environment.
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