Sokol Kosta: New associate professor in mobile cloud computing

Sokol Kosta: New associate professor in mobile cloud computing

Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University has just appointed Sokol Kosta as associate professor. Since 2016, Sokol Kosta has been assistant professor in the department.

Sokol Kosta is an acknowledged researcher in the field of computer science. He has good international network and expertise, and the appointment will be of great value to the CMI (Communication Media and Information technology) section, which is one of the sections of Department of Electronic Systems in Aalborg University Copenhagen, where he has his position.

Sokol Kosta is happy about the acknowledgement of his work and research:

-This is a very important step in my academic career and one of the biggest achievements so far. I am happy to see that my hard academic work has been recognized and appreciated, and I look forward to continue my research at AAU.

Strong links to international networks

Aalborg University contributes to top world research and this has been proven by many international rankings where AAU has excelled. Furthermore, AAU is always looking for young talents.

During his career, Sokol Kosta has had the chance to work with many international researchers and to stay in different countries, e.g. Italy, Germany, and Hong Kong. This has allowed him to have a good international network, which will benefit AAU in order to increase international visibility. Furthermore, a young and dedicated researcher as Sokol Kosta have a lot to contribute to science and technology:

-Currently, I am working on solutions that can help IoT and mobile devices to execute complex operations, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence, with the help of edge computing. Moreover, lately I have established a collaboration with DTU Aqua on ocean studies, such as underwater object recognition and ocean data collection with long-range technologies.

Home sweet Europe

Because of personal attachments to Europe, being from Albania and having studied in Rome, Sokol Kosta always kept an eye opened for positions in Europe, and when the assistant position opened by AAU in 2016, he did not hesitate:

-My profile at the time was perfect for AAU and I applied immediately. What is coincidence is the fact that because of the long distance, I was physically in Hong Kong at the time, I had the interview remotely by Skype, and today, because of the pandemic situation, again I had to do the interview for the associate professor position online.

Sokol Kosta is very dedicated to his work and his expertise fit very well with AAU’s problem based learning approach, given that his teaching is very practical. In this aspect, Sokol Kosta has created strong links to society and companies that keep him updated with latest technologies adopted by the market.

-Being a young university, AAU is always in the verge of improving, and I am happy to be here in this moment and to be part of the many initiatives being undertaken to achieve these improvements. I am very happy to continue being part of the AAU family. I have found a great working environment and wonderful colleagues with whom is a pleasure to collaborate, says Sokol Kosta



* After completing high school in Albania, Sokol Kosta started university studies at Sapienza University of Rome in Italy.

* He completed the bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science (Summa cum Laude) from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, in 2006 and 2009, respectively.

* In February 2013, he received the PhD degree in Computer Science from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

* During the PhD, he visited the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin, Germany twice — 3 months in 2010 and 3 months in 2011 — as a research intern.

* After the PhD, he did three years of Postdoc at Sapienza University, visiting in the meantime also the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) for one year.

* His research interests include cloud and edge computing, networking, distributed systems, and mobile computing.



Sokol Kosta, associate professor, Department of Electronic Systems, AAU

Camilla Klindt Thorup, Communication Officer, Department of Electronic Systems, AAU

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