Research allows drones to fly safely in close vicinity of people

Research allows drones to fly safely in close vicinity of people

PhD fellow Shibarchi Majumder from Automation and Control, Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University investigates the potentials for improving the reliability of computational platforms used for flight control applications in small airborne systems like drones, allowing e.g. the drones to fly safely in close vicinity of people.

Shibarchi Majumder’s  research focus is to establish the knowledge needed to develop a flight control platform for the next generation of drones and involves development of an advanced flight computer for reliable real-time computation. The possible impact of Majumder’s research is very significant and encompasses not only drones but also other systems where real-time and reliable computation is essential, e.g. airbag systems in cars.

Based on his work,  Majumder received the Elite Research Travel Grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science on Thursday, February 28. The grant helps very talented PhD fellows to perform longer-term studies in some of the best research environments in the world  and is presented under the Elite Research Initiative which is the unifying brand name for a series of initiatives designed to honor and support the biggest research talents in Danish research, and to highlight the young researchers as role models to attract more young students for a career in research.

Despite his young age, Majumder has already proven to be an extremely talented and productive researcher, and his list of publications includes two patent applications, five peer-reviewed journal and conference proceeding papers and two journal manuscripts submitted for publication.

Recipients of Elite Research prices were presented and honored at the annual Elite Research Conference at the Royal Danish Opera. 

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