Meet Shahabodin Heshmati-Alamdari – new assistant professor in robotics and automatic control systems

Meet Shahabodin Heshmati-Alamdari – new assistant professor in robotics and automatic control systems

The Department of Electronic Systems welcomes Shahabodin Heshmati-Alamdari as new member of the Automation and Control section.

Shahabodin Heshmati-Alamdari has joined the Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, as assistant professor in the Automation and Control section.

He received his Master’s degree in Automatic Control Systems and Robotics from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Furthermore, Shahabodin Heshmati-Alamdari holds a PhD degree, also from the National Technical University of Athens.

research interests

My research interests include navigation and sensor-based motion planning and control of unmanned autonomous robotic vehicles – both aerial, ground and underwater. Furthermore, the task planning and distributed control of multi-robot systems, taking into account vital constraints such as operation safety, communication limitations, sensing and energy resources, which results in the development of safe control approaches for a team of robotic systems to accomplish complex tasks in dynamic environments and with potential human interactivity.

Aim and focus of research

I believe that the most interesting theoretical investigations are those that are inspired by practical challenges. Therefore, one of my priorities is to look for university-industry research collaborations that will help me to attract funding and develop industrially inspired cutting-edge research agenda. In this context, my research agenda focuses mainly on the development of efficient control strategies for autonomous robotic systems, taking into account the aforementioned limitations and constraints that result in robust and safe accomplishment of complex tasks by a team of collaborative robotic agents operating in dynamic environments.

Finally, my aim as a robotic scientist is to develop techniques and algorithms along with working on optimization of various problems in robotics, in order to improve the quality of well-being and health of citizens and future generations.

Why did you choose to continue your career at Aalborg University?

In the field of robotics and control, Aalborg University holds a leading position in the world. Therefore, collaboration with respected researchers and professors at AAU is a unique opportunity for me to learn and gain knowledge and consequently achieve my ultimate goals as a researcher and teacher.

fun facts

I love dogs, traveling, fishing and camping.

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