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Jet fuel and rotor blades

Jet fuel and rotor blades

On Friday September 20, the Drone Research Lab held an open lab day for all employees and students at the Department of Electronic Systems.

As the photo reveals, the event was well attended, and it was evident that the generous amount of although delicious cake was not the main reason. Among others, the many curious visitors had the opportunity to see the mobile ground control station (the big, black van outside Fredrik Bajers Vej 7A) from the inside, see the drones that are operated from the van and talk to the team behind.

Associate professor Anders la Cour-Harbo spend most of the day presenting the van and its resources. The van is a modified Mercedes Sprinter. It can accommodate four people during flight operations, including two people working with the airborne payload. The GCS has 220 V plugs, heating and cooling, coffee machine and refrigerator to keep the operators comfortable and refuelled.

Inside in the canteen area, the big drone T50 was on display. It flies on jet fuel and carries a weight up to 35 kg for 45 minutes and can be flown manually, semi-automated and completely automated following waypoints.

In the drone lab, the HEF32 was exhibited. It’s smaller than T50 and flies on petrol, but its range is the same as the T50.

The drones are used on a daily basis in a range of projects at AAU, and they are available for use in future projects.

HEF32 in lab

Inside of mobile ground control station

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