Cedomir Stefanovic: New professor in IoT communications

Cedomir Stefanovic: New professor in IoT communications

Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University has just appointed Cedomir Stefanovic as professor. Since 2012, Cedomir Stefanovic has been postdoc and associate professor in the department.

Cedomir Stefanovic is an acknowledged researcher in the field of IoT communications and his appointment will be of great value to the university.

Cedomir Stefanovic is happy about the acknowledgement of his work and research:

“This appointment represents a major milestone on a journey that started in 2012, when I joined AAU. I am happy that my academic and professional accomplishments have been recognized and this recognition will definitely give a great boost to my career”.

Cedomir Stefanovic’s research focuses on IoT communications, including development of novel protocols and algorithms for IoT communications for 5G and beyond 5G systems.

“My research is an exciting and dynamic field, packed with research problems that challenge the traditional networking designs. I was involved in a number of national, EU and industrial projects on the topic, and I currently work on four such projects”, says Cedomir Stefanovic

Cedomir Stefanovic is very dedicated to his research and teaching and his expertise fits very well with AAU’s problem based learning approach. In this aspect, Cedomir Stefanovic is involved with the development of new bachelor and master programs at the AAU campus in Copenhagen.

“The appointment provides an additional motivation to continue hard work and contribute to the department of Electronic Systems and the university”, says Cedomir Stefanovic



* Cedomir Stefanovic completed the master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia in 2006

* In 2011, he received the PhD degree in Telecommunications and Signal Processing from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

* He joined the Department of Electronic Systems in 2012 as postdoc, and became associate professor in 2016.  

* He has been visiting scientist at University of Padova, Italy, DAAD research fellow at German Aerospace Center (DLR), and currently a visiting professor at University of Novi Sad, Serbia.



Cedomir Stefanovic, professor, Department of Electronic Systems, AAU


Camilla Klindt Thorup, Communication Officer, Department of Electronic Systems, AAU


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