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The Wireless Communication Networks (WCN) Section at Aalborg University provided, in collaboration with Nokia, important empirical input to the two new ITU-R Recommendations on clutter loss and building entry loss.

During the last ITU-R SG3 meeting held on 22-30 March 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland, the drafting of two important new Recommendations on radiowave propagation was completed. These new Recommendations, with focus on clutter loss and building entry loss, contain propagation models which are essential elements for the sharing studies considering potential new 5G spectrum in the frequency range 24.25-86 GHz which is subject for IMT-2020 and WRC-19 agenda item 1.13 studies.

Nokia had a highlighted participation in the latest phase of the development of these models, thanks to the technical content and knowledge brought by Aalborg University. Ignacio Rodriguez, Postdoc at the Wireless Communication Networks Section was invited to be part of the Nokia delegation at the meeting to participate in the technical discussions and provide further details on the empirical contributions.

Nokia/Aalborg University input on clutter loss was fundamental, as essential empirical evidence was provided based on an extensive urban macro propagation measurement campaign at 2, 10, 18 and 28 GHz. Together with similar 28 GHz measurement data from Ericsson, it was possible to demonstrate gaps between proposed models and reality, leading to the refinement and final proposal of more appropriate multi-frequency models for clutter loss in terrestrial links with low elevation angles. Nokia/Aalborg University also provided building entry loss measurements for different scenarios in the frequency range 0.8-28 GHz, which served as the basis for the contribution to the technical discussions of various aspects of the model.

The ITU-R SG3 experts publicly appreciated the Nokia/Aalborg University contributions on both clutter loss and building entry loss, underlining the fact that without the cooperation between Academia and Industry these models would have hardly achieved the required level of consistency.

Link to ITU-R Recommendations: http://www.itu.int/pub/R-REC
More about ITU: http://www.itu.int/en/about/Pages/default.aspx

Further Information:

Ignacio Rodriguez Larrad, PostDoc, irl(at)es.aau.dk
Huan C. Nguyen, Associate Professor, hcn(at)es.aau.dk
Troels B. Sørensen, Associate Professor, tbs(at)es.aau.dk
Preben Mogensen, Professor, pm(at)es.aau.dk

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