Aalborg Robotics 10-year seminar

Aalborg Robotics 10-year seminar

The Aalborg Robotics group at Aalborg University is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by hosting a seminar for present and former members, associates, and researchers with an interest in robotics.

AAU Robotics was initiated in November 2010 by researchers from Aalborg University. The group is driven by researchers and has a proud tradition of collecting researchers, companies, and students with an interest in robotics to an annual seminar. This year, the group invites us to the 10-year seminar.

The group consists of researchers from all four faculties, but together they share a passion for robotics – and the group provides an umbrella under which projects and activities are initiated and coordinated. Throughout the years, AAU Robotics has contributed to the development of national hubs – the latest Odense Robotics Hub which recently opened in Aalborg. The interdisciplinary corporation between researchers in the group has had a great impact on the university and robotics research and has become recognized nationally as a scientific powerhouse for research, innovation, education and dissemination within robotics.

Also, AAU Robotics has established the Robotics bachelor and master programs at Aalborg University that combines disciplines, concepts, methods, and technologies that usually do not interact.  

“The Robotics programs are great examples of the interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and innovation in the AAU Robotics group. We link key competencies at AAU such as mechatronics, biomechanics, ICT, wireless, energy, flexible automation, media and health technologies as well as disciplines from humanities and social sciences. Furthermore, students are taught by highly qualified and committed professors from across the university”, says Thomas Bak, professor and Head of Department, Electronic Systems, Aalborg University

Onboarding new researchers

AAU Robotics aim to create a network for researchers, from Aalborg University, interested in robotics. This is also important for new researchers who will benefit from the interdisciplinary network.

“When I first started at AAU as a postdoc in human-centered robotics, I was new to Denmark and to the research community here. Because my work is interdisciplinary, I rely on collaborators from different fields. At the time, there were only a few of us working in robotics in the Humanities faculty. Aalborg Robotics was a great chance for me to meet and connect with other researchers at AAU, and was instrumental in kickstarting several new research projects and initiatives. The annual workshops continue to inspire and bring researchers from the four faculties together, which is excellent as the range of topics and expertise relevant for robotics research has expanded”, says Elizabeth Jochum, associate professor, Department of Communication and Psychology

The 10th year calls for a celebration of history and achievements on March 2, 2022. We have invited several nationally and internationally recognized speakers working with different aspects of robotics to give an overview of the state-of-the-art within their fields.

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Program, March 2, 2022



- 10 Years with Aalborg Robotics: Professor Thomas Bak, Aalborg University, Denmark
- 10 Years with Robots & Human Interaction: Professor Matthias Rehm, Aalborg University, Denmark
Social robots in public space: Professor Takayuki Kanda, Kyoto University, Japan


- 10 Years with Robots & Health at AAU: Associate Professor Lotte N. S. A. Struijk, Aalborg University, Denmark
Interfacing the Human Spinal Cord with Assistive Technologies: Professor Dario Farina, Imperial College London, UK

11.00: Break


- 10 Years with Robots & Automation: Professor Ole Madsen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Agility for Production in Europe - Findings from the TRINITY Project: Professor Dr., Minna Lanz, Tampere University, Finland

12.15: Lunch


- 10 Years with Robots and Art: Associate Professor Elizabeth Jochum, Aalborg University, Denmark
Dramaturgy for Devices: Professor Maaike Bleeker, Utrecht University, Netherlands


- 10 Years with Robots and Energy: Associate Professor Petar Durdevich, Aalborg University, Denmark
Drone System Design for Efficient and Autonomous Real-time Operations: Associate Professor Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid, SDU, Denmark

15.15: Coffee and mingle

16.00: Thank you for today


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