PhD defence by Ali Abdelmawgood Ali Ali Esswie


10.11.2020 kl. 09.00 - 12.00


“E2E-aware Multi-Service Radio Resource Management for 5G”

The broader scope of this PhD. project is to research and develop novel and multi-service-aware radio resource management algorithms for multi-QoS 5G networks, spanning both FDD and TDD modes. The first part addresses the multi-QoS (URLLC-eMBB) multiplexing problem. A QoS-aware multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) downlink scheduler is developed based subspace projections. Moreover, we have developed several variants of the proposed scheduler for eMBB capacity recovering and spectral efficiency optimization. In the second part of the study, we target achieving the stringent URLLC outage targets in TDD 5G networks. A diversity of novel inter-cell coordination schemes is developed for mitigation of the critical CLI. Those schemes in-corporate a new set of TDD system design improvements such as semi-static frame configuration, sliding frame-book design, joint hybrid frame design & slot-aware user scheduling, and coordinated transceiver design.

Backed by our former conclusions, the last part of the PhD project demonstrates the potential of adopting a machine learning (ML) algorithms for real-time selection of the TDD radio frame structure. A simple, but efficient, Q-reinforcement-learning (QRL) approach for distributed online TDD frame optimization is proposed. The QRL-based solution is evaluated for both macro networks and newly emerging indoor industrial wireless deployments with dense small cell layouts. The proposed solution offers a significant URLLC outage gain in terms of autonomization of the TDD frame design on a real-time basis, URLLC outage latency reduction, and CLI-avoidance.

Assessment Committee
Associate Professor, Henrik L. Christiansen, Technical University of Denmark
Associate Professor, Olav Tirkkonen, Aalto University, Finland
Associate Professor, Carles N. Manchón, Aalborg University (Chairman)

Professor, Preben E. Mogensen, Aalborg University
Professor, Klaus Pedersen, Aalborg University

Associate Professor, Gilberto Berardinelli, Aalborg University


Wireless Communication Networks Section, Department of Electronic Systems


Online - Send an e-mail before 9th November, 12:00 hrs. to Gilberto Berardinelli, if you wish to join.

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09.11.2020 kl. 12.00

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