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DE-klubben is every Thursday the social hotspot on Fredrik Bajers Vej and the Department of Electronic Systems, with facilities like foosball and pool table along with numerous console and board games.

For two decades, events like DE-klubben’s Easter and Christmas lunches and Old Fools Bar have been the main annual events for young and new students, to socialize across semesters and studies.
DE-klubben is always present at the summer semester start party at Gigantium, striving to show off what studying at Electronic Systems teaches us about LEDs, electrical circuits and coding all of this together.

More information about the DE-klubben can be found on our website here.

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Electronic Systems Students

ESS is a community for the students from Electronic Systems at AAU.


ESS is a community for the students under the department of Electronic Systems, and our purpose is to strengthen the connection between the students and their study boards.


Additionally we arrange some study relevant events to help the student to create a network between semesters.


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