About us



At the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University, we strive to be internationally recognised as a leader in digital technologies – a department with coherent activities within research, education, development and industry cooperation.

We conduct world-class research in areas ranging from communication, antennas, control systems, AI, sound, cybersecurity and robotics. The department consists of six sections, all delivering outstanding contributions to their field of research.

The department offers a broad range of educational programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as continued professional development.

Our sections and research areas


The Department of Electronic Systems is organised in six sections: 


Antennas, Propagation and Milimetre-wave Systems

The section conducts research in antennas, connections between antennas (radio connections), and all the electronics around antennas.

Contact: Professor Gert Frølund Pedersen 


Automation and Control

The section conducts research in automation, robotics and systems that are managed and controlled without humans.

Contact: Professor Rafal Wisniewski 


Communication, Media and Information Technologies

The section conducts research in the area of information and communication technologies, including information technology, telecommunications and media/broadcast.

Contact: Associate professor Reza Tadayoni 



The section conducts research on systems and methods for enabling reliable communication links and distributed algorithms that make use of realistic connectivity models.

Contact: Professor Petar Popovski 


Wireless Communication Networks

The section conducts research in wireless communication and focus on industrial use – i.e. IoT and wireless communication for industrial robots.

Contact: Professor Preben Mogensen 


AI and Sound

The section conducts research within a broad range of audio – recording, processing, transmission, signal processing and also the aspect of how humans perceive audio.

Contact: Professor Jan Østergaard 

Key figures



Approx. 200 employees, of which 40% are international.


620 students in both BEng, BSc and MSc programmes.

PhD students

Approx. 90 enrolled PhD students in one of our two main PhD programmes - Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Wireless Communications